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How to pack for a move to a different state in houston tx

Posted by: | Posted on: April 3, 2019

Tips to pack hanging clothes when moving

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One of the most brilliant uses of garbage bags starts in your closet as you can use them to pack clothes. Instead of taking hanging clothes off of their hangers to fold in a box or suitcase, just wrap them up in a bag. Keeping them on the closet rod, slip the garbage bag over as many clothes as you can fit in there, starting from the bottom of the garments as this could be used to pack many items. Then slide the sides of the bag up and secure the ties around the neck of the hangers. Your clothes will be protected and you won’t have to go through the trouble of unhanging all of your clothes just to re-hang them later on. The size of these bags comes as an advantage. Call moving company in Houston, TX

These could also be used for multipurpose. Use them to pack non-hanging clothes, towels, and linens

Garbage bags are fantastic for moving fabric-based items like clothing, towels, and linens, since these items don’t really need the support of a box as these bags are flexible & big in size which can be used accordingly. To cut down on work when you’re unpacking, fold each item before placing it in the bag. Then simply fill up the bag with as much as it can carry as these can be filled & used for packing loose items from closet. (for reference, a 56 gallon trash bag can hold about 40 pounds of weight which makes it ideal to pack when moving) and secure it by tying it up on top. As all boxes needs to be packed & sealed. Visit moving companies near me Houston, TX

Use them to pack bedding or anything else

These bags can also accommodate items which take up space in boxes as these could be the best alternative. Pillows and comforters take up a ton of room in boxes, but like the items above, they don’t require such a sturdy base for transport. Pack them in garbage bags instead and save the boxes for something else. It is as easy as packing & unpacking. Contact movers in Houston, TX.

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